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All potential adopters must fill out this application (click link or print PDF and e-mail back to prior to meeting a dog. *Applications do not guarantee adoption, and are a preliminary part of the adoption process. Please be as thorough as possible.

By submitting this form, you are agreeing to potentially provide a forever home for the dog you're applying for. Note that application submission does NOT guarantee an adoption.

All adoption applications are reviewed by our team. All information will be followed up on, references checked and applications will not be (potentially) approved unless all information requested is listed & accurate.

Adoption fees are not to be paid until application is approved and you are contacted by a Puptown Gal representative. Adoption fees vary based on dogs health, history and needs.*

Please be advised that as a rescue organization, some dogs come from poor situations and may not be fully housebroken or socialized. We do our best by providing qualified fosters for our dogs, but cannot guarantee our temperament/training predictions.

All dogs, especially rescues, require patience, consistency, boundaries and love. If you're not prepared to adhere to the above, please do not apply or move forward with the adoption process. 

Our goal is to adopt our dogs to the BEST & only home, and will not settle for nothing short of what's best for them.

Thank you for your understanding! Please e-mail with your name, dog applied for & date of application to check the status of your submission..


Palm Coast FL United States

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