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Founder's Story...

Just a girl with a dream of saving all the fur babies...

My journey started in 2016 when we rescued our first dog off the streets. She was heavily abused & malnourished, living out of trashcans in the middle of nowhere. The sight of her sad, exhausted and hopeless eyes kind of broke us, yet added a beautiful bond to our family. This is when we welcomed Coco, a shepherd hound mix, to our small little active family.

Upon moving into our home in 2016, we decided to take the leap and start fostering through a local rescue, Sophie's Circle. It was totally my idea (my sister's, actually, but I'll never admit it to her!) & on a whim - NEVER thought it would CHANGE OUR LIVES. But it did. Our first foster dog came into our home.... and never left. He's a rare, beautiful and loyal young husky who was bounced between seven homes before coming to us. SEVEN homes in SIX months. Poor guy couldn't really grasp that we were HIS new humans, after we couldn't let him go. And now, almost two years later... it's amazing what a little TLC can do! He's the most loyal, gentle, protective & sweet soul, and my heart is so happy he found us.

Following adopting Polar (husky), we continued fostering. Then came a six-week-old sister duo of pitbull/bulldog/boxers mixes. Can you take a guess how this played out? YEP, foster failed again with our big, lovable & mushy pittie, Hazel. And it doesn't stop there... Three weeks later, another rescue I advocate for had a puppy-mill rescue, a pregnant Australian Shepherd mama, give birth to 12 pups! And then we welcomed a sweet, fluffy teddy bear pup to the family, Jett. Love me some good ol' wiggle butt dancing.

In total, we have FIVE dogs, four being amazing foster/rescue stories, and every single dog I've encountered over the last few years has played such an important role in my life... and that would be 48 dogs alone, in 2018, to come through my home and adopted out.

After playing a busy role in my local rescue, I decided I wanted to do more. Make my own decisions, take a leap and do my absolute best to not leave a single pup behind. Bring in my own funding, creating my own events & awareness, work with my friends who've supported my mission for so long... And this is where Puptown Gal starts... just a girl, with a dream to share, care, love and help all the helpless pups. Be the voice for the voiceless, comfort to the lonely and most importantly, an advocate for those who need more than most humans will provide.

I may be small, my life may be hectic, but I truly believe one person can make a difference, and I intend to do everything in my power to find every dog in my rescue efforts the best home, for their best lives. Join me, it's the most rewarding thing you can do!


Puptown Gal was founded by Melissa Morreale, a central Florida native who is a mom, wife, dog lover (obviously!) and fitness enthusiast. Although the day time profession is momming, fitness & wellness, her heart lies between four paws and lots of barking. She's well-versed in many breeds and training, but specializes in puppy-care, huskies, Australian shepherds, pit-bulls, and everything in between!


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Family. Dogs. Fitness. Prosecco. Dogs. Fun!! 

No Dog Left Behind...


Palm Coast FL United States

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